You really want to know about Seth?

Some people think Seth is a little bit crazy. Included in their number are Seth's parents, colleagues, and - more often than not - his wife and kids. The reasons for this are many and varied: it may be that he is a devoted fan of the New York Knicks. That would be sufficient reason. Beyond that, however, he once quit his job and moved his young family to California because he "knew he would regret it if [he] didn't." For the last three years, he has been a member of the founding team of the African Leadership University in Mauritius, where he has reimagined what the university can be in the 21st century by leading Learning Design and User Experience. He particularly enjoys the liminal spaces where new and novel things can be defined.  Before ALU, he and his new wife decamped to South Sudan to run an NGO at a not particularly stable moment in that not too particularly stable country's history (before it was a country, point of fact). Perhaps you're starting to think that Seth is a fox. You might be right - there could be a method to his madness, an underlying belief that the life he's been entrusted with is meant to count for something, is meant to contribute to the common good in the greatest way possible. And maybe, as indicated by the Knicks fandom, he is well-versed in sacrifice and suffering for the things he cares about. But he cares about an awful lot - his wife and children, the cause of justice, the expression of mercy, the improper use of the word 'literal,' the beauty of seeing people realize their God-given gifts at the greatest potential for the greatest good, and the list just continues growing. He also really loves coffee.

There may be other things you wish to know about Seth Trudeau as well. If that's the case, seth trudeau is at gmail dot com, and he welcomes your inquiries.