Build Something Magical, Transformative, and Joyful

What we do

Routine Chaos is a design & innovation studio in the Netherlands that works with companies of all stripes who are building products, services, and experiences that create a vibrant human presence in a sustainable world.

After over a decade of of designing new products and services from square one and launching & growing several successful ventures, the name Routine Chaos comes from the recognition that magical, transformative, joyful creation emerges from a combination of well structured rhythms and unexpected serendipity.

How we work

Routine Chaos is a partner to build the engine for innovation in your company. We work with your team first as a guide in finding your way through the complicated unknowns that come with developing new products - starting from generating meaningful insights and working together all the way through building the first market-ready version of a breakthrough product.

From there, we work with the key leaders in your company to create the drivers for sustained innovation - from defining compelling product vision and strategy; to developing internal capabilities for exploration, sensemaking, and discovery; to building systems and processes for continuous experimentation, iteration, and delivery.

We work with all kinds of organizations - whether for-profit, non-profit, or governmental - that are driven by a mission that involves a thriving humanity and a thriving planet.

We love working with early stage startups and scale ups, and we currently have portfolios in the Future of Education, Future of Work, Digital Communities, Sustainable Retail & Fashion, and Holistic Wellness.