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If you’ve been waiting for part 2...

Let’s call this part 1.5

I promise it’s coming, but a quick interlude: this whole series was inspired by a bunch of conversations I’ve been having and a few talks I’ve given recently for different groups of educators and people who think a lot about education. I want to be able to go deeper here than I have in any of those fora, but I also recognize some folks out there don’t want to wait for my leisurely pace of writing and have an actual impending school year that they have to figure out.

Well, a funny thing happened: I was meant to run a workshop for one of these Zoom conferences and had a day where the world of modernity just let me down. My internet was in & out, my power was on & off. I was sitting in the opening session of this conference catching every third word because my connection had ground to a halt, and I knew in 20 minutes half of the people dialed in were going to drop into a breakout room & expect me to do something.

So, I dropped out of the call and jumped into Loom and recorded videos explaining what I was planning to have people do on each slide of my workshop, and then I embedded the Loom videos into the slide deck and sent it to people and let them go through it together in small groups. My internet held up just well enough for this to happen, and then it was gone and the people were on their own.

Photo Jul 8, 2020 at 90100 PM.jpg

The face that says, “Maybe this will be the time that I record and upload before the internet quits.” (It was)

I’m working my way to the next installment of this series, but in the meantime I’ve got that slide deck still sitting around, so if you want you can get into it here.  Jump into it, make yourself a copy and go through it on your own or with a few colleagues.

If, afterwards, you want to get personal and discuss what you’re thinking with me, message me over on Twitter and I’ll find some time.