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The February MishMash

A peak behind the scenes, and some links on our living spaces

A little surprise…

Do you want to see more behind the scenes videos? If so, what do you want to hear about?

These are an especially special batch of links - aside from the first one, which is quite recent, all of the rest have been hanging out on my “to share” list for quite a while, and I could just never find the right time to get into a bunch of links on the design of living spaces.

Usually, if something sits on my list for a long time, I need to click through to remember what the link was and why I saved it.

That is not true for any of these links. Every single one, I just looked at the web address and remembered exactly what it was and why I thought it was notable.

  • I adore the newsletter The Fox Is Black. Maybe it’s because Bobby & I are the same age and seemingly had similar tastes in our formational years, but his tastes have only continued to refine to the point of impeccability. He curates what I can only describe as lush sensory experiences, so I just absolutely flipped for his recent installment looking at how various creatives have designed the interiors of their homes.
How can you not love husband-wife design power duo, Charles & Ray Eames?

In the pipeline

(This is me forcing myself to get on top of a few ideas that have been simmering for far too long by sharing them publicly - expect to see longer essays on these topics over the next few months. Feel free to comment or reply to let me know if there’s one you’d really like me to prioritize)

  • My guide on how to make & use experience maps
  • The next installment of “If ________ took over public education” (yes, I know what company will go in the blank, but no I won’t tell you)
  • Brainstorming that doesn’t suck
  • A positive vision for the future of learning