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Taking my own medicine

Watch me normalize low risk failure

Just for fun, I’m going to share a couple small scale prototypes and experiments I’m currently working on related to how we get out of our heads and get into actually building and creating new things:

  • you’ve got an idea for a project, but you’re trying to bring it all together and give it a bit more definition. Have a go at this Project Launcher.
  • a different flavor of a similar problem: you know the project you want to be working on, but you can’t quite figure out how to get started (or you got started and ran into an impasse). Try out this Momentum Builder.

Check them out (or, if you’re looking at it and thinking, “I know someone that needs this” forward it on.)

I’ll personally follow up with everyone that tries out either one (so long as you leave your email…though you don’t have to).

A little dose of reality here: these are just 2 examples. Over the past few months, there are so many more that have been tested with a handful of people and discarded or that never actually saw the light of day. And that’s part of the process for how we get to here.