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A summertime aside

Popping my head up from a life of leisure

I’m keeping lighter hours for the summer this year, and it has meant that most of my projects have lost a bit of momentum…but it has also meant a bit more time to get out and explore, to sit down and read for a while, and to indulge the random whims of the children. I have a month of random day trips coming up, as well as a similarly random trip to the Pokemon World Championships (an actual and real thing).

But it means I’ve also got this persistent nagging reminder in the back of my mind that I haven’t published here for a while. I’m currently working on a substantial write up of the Smart Creative Leadership course1, but for this week…

  • A confession: I’ve been meaning to write something about Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary Get Back since January because it’s a mesmerizing look at the pitfalls and possibilities of the creative process - and it’s somewhat liberating to see how even some of the greatest creators of our time struggled. But I also read this article, and I’m not sure I have a whole lot more to add to it2.

  • I love the use of extreme constraints as a way to generate some unexpected insights and ideas. Consequently, I found this consideration of a world without flying completely fascinating.

  • I dropped a mini-thread on Twitter about some misconceptions about innovation. This article on improvements in EV battery technology is such an excellent example of the way that gradual improvements lead to breakthroughs.

  1. For which I recently realized that I produced a gargantuan amount of original content in one month…which might also be contributing to the slowdown.

  2. And I’m sorry that it took me 7 months to share it.