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Investing in your people

Another lesson in Smart Creative Leadership

Back again with another quick clip from one of the interviews for the Smart Creative Leadership course (check out the production value on this one!).

In this clip, Nicole Dill - a total force of nature who also happens to be one of my oldest friends - talks about the intangible benefits we get when we take the time to really invest in growing our people. This whole interview was incredible and at one point broke my brain.1

BTW, the course is going to run again in September of this year, and the waitlist is open

  • I’m bullish on the idea of DAOs - in the midst of the whole crypto meltdown, if I had to bet on the aspect of web3 that will endure, I’d bet on DAOs…or at least the concept behind them, if not the actual implementation. Worker-owned cooperatives aren’t a new thing, but taking that structure and automating a substantial amount of the administration and management so that digital artisans can focus their best energies on building, making, and creating feels like a legitimate use case2.

  • Speaking of cooperative projects - I love this approach to housing development that focuses on sustainability, access, and community. Also, the Australian residential architecture scene is so endlessly fascinating to me.

  • The ways that unexpected histories intertwine (possible paywall) - this is a fascinating story about how big data combined with the tactics that the LGBTQ community developed in response to HIV to create one of the most effective responses to a COVID outbreak on record.

  1. “Damn, Seth, if these interviews are all so great maybe you should find a way to let us watch or listen to them,” you may be saying. I hear you! Watch this space…

  2. Which has long been my biggest gripe about crypto… that and the part where it’s destroying the biosphere.