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Another new (and weird) project

Who doesn't love coffee and hearing me sing?

Not gonna give too much context on this one, except to say I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head for a few months now and finally decided to just do something with it.

I think I’ve determined that one of the 2024 themes is going to be “Put some weird into the world.” So with this and the Pokemon Travelogue I’m getting an early start.

I’ve already got a coffee from Denmark in my cabinet, two more in transit from my favorite roasters in France and Sweden, and before this thing is over we’re going to hit Ireland, Belgium, Spain, and - of course - the Netherlands.

In the next few installments, I’m going to be talking about The Bear, El Bulli, David Byrne, and a lot more creative inspiration.

A heads up…

I probably won’t feature every installment here on the newsletter, so subscribe on YouTube if you want to keep up.